Thursday, April 16, 2015

Glitch Experiments

Personal Voice

Promax BDA Student Challenge

The Promax BDA Student challenge asks
young designers to make a short video that 
showcases their brand and explains what 
design is to them. I experimented with the 
medium of stopmotion animation, because 
during this time my hand was broken and 
illustration was crazy hard. The piece shows
the journey of a designer stumbling upon 
an idea, and developing a relationship. 
Once a designer gives their ideas a personal 
spin and "wings" to take off, those ideas 
become a part of them. People's identities are 
developed through their background of life 
experiences, and I believe a designer's identity 
lies within their "background" or body of work.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Each week I feel as though I have to check in with Thrasher. Personally I hate hearing people self-indulgently rant about how skateboarding is "their life" and how deeply submerged they are in the culture because they got the Thrasher logo tattooed on their calf. But im going to go ahead and say that I'm not directly receiving most design inspiration from Thrasher, it's really from the little amount of time available to do what you like. Thrasher serves as an inspiration to skate more so than design. The intensity of this program has made opportunities to let loose a luxury, and it's shown me that constantly honing in on design wears you out after some time. You lose a fresh perspective, and it turns into work. Any hobby can serve as inspiration because its doing what you like to do, naturally design counts, but if thats the only thing you ever think about the work would lose you. So once a week I try to take some time to "check in" by ultimately "checking out"